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Access thousands of jobs nationwide plus the absolute best benefits and pay rates. Our worldwide reputation gives you the advantage of finding exclusive assignments & desirable destinations nationwide. Interested in New York, New Jersey or Rhode Island? Well, Gotham Companies is also The dominant staffing company in these major areas as well.

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Gotham Per Diem: Home Care Division 800-231-4509 Phone 646-607-9387 Fax
Staffing Division 212-477-6100 Phone 646-390-5908 Fax
HR Department 886-405-5325 Phone 800-541-4406 Fax
Bronx Office 718-733-2400 Phone 718-563-0503 Fax
Gotham TravStaff Travel Nurses 401-351-1818 Phone 888-223-8183 Fax
Midpoint Associated Practitioners Rehab Therapists 212-505-1878 Phone 212-505-2494 Fax