The Gotham Story

The history of supplemental nursing begins with Gotham. In 1952, our founder recognized a need for private duty nurses for patients who required extra care and had the means to pay for it.

Soon, he convinced hospitals this was a significant need that his firm could address for them and they began to request Gotham’s services. The Gotham Companies evolved from this start and now provide per diem, temporary staffing and direct hire recruitment for clinical, non-clinical, homecare and therapist jobs.

We’re proud of Gotham’s history of understanding, anticipating and fulfilling the healthcare community’s staffing needs for over 60 years. Maintaining caring, responsible relationships has been the essence of our business since 1952.

The types of facilities we support include:

  • Hospitals
  • Acute care facilities
  • Nursing homes
  • Certified home health agencies
  • Midsize to large private practices
  • Free-standing clinics
  • Schools
  • Private Practice
  • Psychiatric centers
  • Large city municipal services (e.g., Children’s Services)
  • Various government agencies

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